Thursday, May 05, 2022

Jana Irmert - What Happens At Night [Fabrique Records 097]

Put out on the circuit via Vienna's Fabrique Records on April 29th, 2k22 is "What Happens At Night", the latest four tracks and 28 spanning EP / mini album by Berlin-based composer x sound artist Jana Irmert who first appeared on the label with her 2016 debut "End Of Absence". Opening with "Particles" Jana Irmert presents a vast and spatial realm of ambience defined by echoing, slightly psychedelic Field Recordings alongside calm, meditative rhythm signatures as well as extended, comforting droning and tectonic low end movements followed by the subsequent "Ashes", an exercise in classic, yet well nocturnal Ambient minimalism. Furthermore "Dust Is The Rust Of Time" brings forth an amalgamation of swelling low end drones and subdued, stripped down Electronica textures reminiscent of deepest Deep Listening Music once brought forward by now defunct labels like Isolate before the concluding "Stratum" pairs echoes of DarkAmbient with humungous tectonic shifts, cavernous rhythms and drowning, yet glistening melodic fragments shimmering through form underneath the vast and vantablack embankments of sound which make up the very foundation of this closing piece. Good stuff, this.


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