Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Too Tall To Sing - New Dance Moves [Shhpuma 070]

Released via the Portuguese label Shhpuma only recently is "New Dance Moves", the latest collaborational album effort conceived by Flin Van Hemmen and Jozef Dumoulin under their shared moniker that is Too Tall To Sing. Created via sending digital files back and forth between New York and Paris respectively the nine tracks and 47 minutes spanning album, which is their first dedicated conjunctional duo effort, is based on a process of sampling, re-sampling and oftentimes radically reprocessing a foundation laid down by a combination of piano, percussion, vocals, e-drums and keyboards, all meshed and melted down into a washed out, psychedelic dreamstate of hyperabstract FutureJazz meets Electronica textures in the opener "Allerlei" whereas the subsequent "Little Bird Of Bad Omen (Ty-Yt)", the first piece of their recording session which laid out the path for all things to come thereafter, covers tender and dreamy Piano Ambient grounds, the stripped down piece that is "Familie" seems to be exclusively derived from Field Recordings of clanging and grinding metal pieces, some of them of large scale, later accompanied by minimal rhythm programming hidden deep with the background of the overall mix and the ingeniously titled "We're Not Doing Much Socializing" opens with a surreal, almost movie'esque conversation about wearing masks accompanied by haunting piano noir improvisations before drifting off into deep misty Ambient / Deep Listening Music territories just to name a few. A well interesting and diverse album which exceed the realm of Jazz the two musicians invlvd are at home at by many a mile. Go check.

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