Monday, May 02, 2022

Robert Haigh - Human Remains [Unseen Worlds 043]

Put out on the circuit via Unseen Worlds in CD format on March 18th, 2k22 with a full vinyl release to approximately follow up in November this year is "Human Remains", presumably the final new album ever to be released by long standing British producer Robert Haigh who's planning to focus on painting and other creative outputs after being invlvd with music for roughly four decades now. Spanning a total of thirteen new compositions and a total of approx. 40 minutes runtime Haigh's parting journey provides a tender, almost romantic and melancholia-inducing take on a variety of inward looking, for the most part unprocessed solo piano exercises which, in their purist beauty and floating, crystalline form, might speak to an audience well different to what the Unseen Worlds usually covers and will probably crossover into the realm of (Neo)Classical x Contemporary Classical apart from finding its home in the crates of dedicated Piano Ambient collectors as well. File under: timeless and unscathed music to be experienced alongside a loved one. Also: beware of the highly dramatic "Baroque Atom" which finally breaks the cycle of solo piano performance towards the very end of the longplayer, presenting layers of agitated strings and intense bassline pressure for a sudden and well surprising change of the overall course.

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