Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Wesenberg - Counterclockwise [Audiophob 036]

Put out on the circuit via the Jena / Germany-based label that is Audiophob on August 6th, 2k21 is "Counterclockwise", the second full length CD album produced for the imprint by Wesenberg. Backed by a long lasting history in the realm of electronic music covering a wide range of styles and genres over the course of 25+ years including releases on once famed imprints like Force Inc. US and Thee Blak Label Wesenberg's most recent album presents a total of 13 tracks rolled out over roughly 58 minutes in total, covering a musical range from the atmospheric - somewhat even psychedelic -, tripping and ever evolving Ambient / IDM structures of the opener "The Seed And The Soil" which immediately evokes memories of 90s electronic music legends like The Future Sound Of London at their very darkest to the subsequent "Digging In The Clouds" which explores a stripped down, slightly dubbed out take on minimalistic, yet highly detailed Techno vibes before "Salz feat. Eli Van Vegas" pairs mechanical, surely Brighton-influenced Techno abstractions with vocals reminiscent of legendary DAF lead singer Gabi Delgado and his undeniable sexiness. With this opening triplet paving the way for an eclectic mixture to come bits like "Ashes (+ Solo Plexus)" even explore hyperfuturistic genres like Industrial Grime on the fast lane, "Fan Fiction" weighs in more distinct sci-fi-infused polyrhythms building up towards a driving, somewhat 'troity variation of ever filtered and modulating Minimal Techno in its very 90s sense subsequently followed by the atmospheric high octane (Intelligent) Techno banger that is "Saliva Exchange - Felt Like A Kiss" whereas bits like "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" weigh in some deep, slightly glitched out and abstract ElectroPhonk vibes for highly advanced late night dancefloors just to name a few. Good stuff, this. Yet it is rather astounding that only a mere 20 years ago an album like this would've probably been released through one of the many thriving Electronica x Techno labels once distributed by a company like EFA and not necessarily by a label like Audiophob with its roots rather related to darker scenes like Industrial, Goth and the likes of. The times they are a changing. Go check.

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Anonymous audiophob said...

Thank you! :)

9:36 PM  
Blogger baze.djunkiii said...

my pleasure. more to come.

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