Wednesday, June 01, 2022

baze.djunkiii Charts 06/2k22

01. Wolfgang Tillmans - Insanely Alive *Remixes [Fragile 013]
This is nothing but a top notch bang0r. World renowned photographer Wolfgang Tillmans drops a new single on his very own Fragile imprint and somehow manages to get the SynthPop legends that are the Pet Shop Boys to provide not only one but two reworks. This in itself is a big move to pull off but the result even exceeds the biggest expectations by far. Yes, this is ElectroPop music and might even find its way into certified commercial daytime radio playlists but dang... this is one of the most catchy and uplifting cuts we've come across in a long while. Therefore the "Insanely Alive *Pet Shop Boys Maxi Mix" might might be our personal contender for the tune of the year so far.

02. Akustikkoppler - Alles Muss Raus [Block4]
See review for details...

03. CVSO - Garden Scene [Katalog 001]
So the Mainz-based duo that is CVSO which first came to our attention through their 2k20 debut release on Cheezy Crust Records have seemingly decided to embark on a solo independent trip with the launch of their own label Katalog in 2k21. With their six track single "Garden Scene EP" we see CVSO taking a leap of faith stylewise, stepping away from the timeless, slightly Acid-infused TechTrance / Intelligent Techno vibe of their firstling to present a more diverse musical approach, covering a range from super solid, bass heavy ElectroBreaks paired with dreamy vocals to heavy filtered echoes of BigBeat / ChemicalBreaks, spatial late night Techno cuts as well as deep and dreamy Electro with a slightly gooey twist and even NuSkoolBreaks-reminiscing workouts for electroid dancefloors. Good stuff this.

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