Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Pinkcourtesyphone - All Intensive Purposes [Room40 Promo]

Another fresh one released via the Australian Room40-imprint on June 10th, 2k22 is "All Intensive Purposes", the latest full length album effort created by Richard Cartier under his sonic nom de guerre that is Pinkcourtesyphone. The project, described in the accompanying press release as '...operating at nexus of recollecting 20th century anxiety and opulence...', caters a total of seven brand new pieces rolled out over a total playtime of roughly 38 minutes starting from a point of warm, subaquatic and ever embracing DarkAmbient x Deep Listening Music with "That Intangible Object Of Contempt / The Tenderness Of..." which paves the way for all things to come like the icy, shrieking and sci-fi-leaning ColdAmbient structures of "Drained By The Very Nearness" or the subsequent crackly atmospheres to be discovered in "Serving Autosuggestion" which later serves an eerie climax of reprocessed vocals evoking memories of mid-90s works by acts like Single Cell Orchestra. Furthermore "Out Of Abundance" presents another expertly crafted, well harmonic example of spine-tingling Dark Ambient whereas "Crushing Softness" takes tender, glacial Ambient to a glistening, yet most minimalist level before the "Comfortable Predictability", its rumbling subs and almost (Neo)Cosmic textures provide a new, almost universal perspective on timeless and minimalistic sonic movements whilst the two minutes spanning "Wistful Wishful Wanton *Reprise" rounds things off with fragile, angelic harmonies and echoes of icy winds blown over from afar for closing. Recommended for all fans and followers of Deep Listening Music / Minimal Music.


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