Sunday, June 26, 2022

David Bennet & Vilhelm Bromander - Within The Reach Of Eventuality [Thanatosis Produktion 013]

Put out on the circuit via Thanatosis Produktion on May 27th, 2k22 as their 013 is "Within The Reach Of Eventuality", the latest collaborational album created by saxophonist David Bennet and bass player Vilhelm Bromander. Over the course of roughly 50 minutes total playtime the duo carves out a set of four unnamed, yet subsequently numbered movements, roughly guided by a score piece laid out by Bennet which is also included with the CD album as a printed square fold out poster. The sonic result of this exploration is a journey into the world of tender, sometimes longing, sustained notes of droning qualities and outerworldly beauty, partially off-kilter and screeching like the surfaces of humungous metal structures slowly being pushed back and forth against eachother by the forces coming with a large stream of water, partially bringing forth harmonies bordering on the very fringe of the audible spectrum, evoking memories of Ambient, Avantgarde and Deep Listening Music as well as Drone and Dark Ambient reliant on microtonal evolution of sound, respiratory and mechanical noises buried deep with the background of the mix as well as distinct episodes of silence providing structure to this otherwise timeless and barely structured flow of sonic movements. A highly recommended take on a sound that just is instead of following a particular goal, aim or function, providing a sonic state of ultra zen if you will. Check.

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