Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Nowherians - That Is Not An Acceptable Lullaby [Sound In Silence 092]

Another fresh album coming in from the headoffices of the Athens, Greece-based Sound In Silence-label is "That Is Not An Acceptable Lullaby" by Nowherians, the first album created for the imprint under this musical guise by Crawford Blair, one of the former founding member of late-90s phenomenon Rothko and part, collaborator and initiator of many other things ever since. Over the course of 42 minutes and a total of eleven pieces Blair - alongside contributing musicians Elise Bjarnadottir, Olnur Bjarnadottir and Matthieu Reifler on violin, cello, violo and vocals - provides a slowly meandering stream of rich and atmospherically dense, romantic and almost (Neo)Classical-inspired compositions inspired by the pastures and landscape of rural Norfolk which he calls home as a resident since 2018 as well as the texures of composer William Byrd, overall reminiscent and evoking echoes of the works of German producer Wolfgang Voigt as GAS or his more recent solo pieces like "Rückverzauberung" with the most dramatic ones like "The Testers" fully embracing a large scale panoramic, probably even ecclesiastical quality whilst the subsequent "Honeywell" is on a more solemn, yet angelic tip, "Vancouver... Vancouver... This Is It!" brings to mind the epic cinematography and widescreen camera angles oftentimes used in TV series and feature films of the late 60s / early 70s when geographically set in the rural, sometimes mountainous US of A, a quality and setting that would also apply to the subsequent "Swiss House On Fire" for a reason probably not deliberately hinted at in the tunes title just to name a few personal favorites here. A touching, emotional take on modern composition highly recommended to Ambient headz, collectors of (Neo)Classical / Contemporary Classical music and scores alike. Probably also well suitable as a dreamy complementing soundtrack for an exhibition of paintings attributed to the Romantic due to its overall grandiose nature. Go check.


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