Friday, July 01, 2022

Andreas Hiroui Larsson - Seduced By (A) Last Year [Thanatosis Produktion 014]

Thanatosis Produktion are clearly upping their release schedule these days with their 014, Andreas Hiroui Larsson's debut album "Seduced By (A) Last Year", hitting the shelves on June 3rd, 2k22. Stretched out over one extended, 35+ minute spanning composition piece which has been realized with the help of contributing guest musicians Johanna Arve and Johan Jutterström Andreas Hiroui Larsson explores a sonic realm highly influenced by techniques like collage, Plunderphonics as well as echoes of Musique Concrete and, sic!, Jazz x Jazz Noir with a foundation of multilayered, intertwined vocal snippets and sparse additional electronics providing a dense, yet abstract framework for all sorts of jazzed out excursions, from longing, nocturnal and melancholia-infused sax tones to free floating, or thundering, drum works of partly improvised nature and even faint Industrial references, Field Recordings and FoundSound all falling together in an interesting and well arranged way yet provide quite a challenging listening experience for the uninitiated and those not familiar with any forms of so-called Avantgarde music. Calling this one a special interest album for a certainly very limited audience might not be far fetched, we reckon.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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