Monday, August 08, 2022

Afflicted - Afflicted LP [Afflicted In Techno Promo]

Released on the digital circuit only via their very own Afflicted In Techno label on May 20th, 2k22 is the "Afflicted LP", the first conjunctional longplay outing created by Sascha Müller and Ufuk Özbayar under their shared studio alias that is Afflicted. Rolled out over the course of ten tracks and more than an hour total playtime the pair provides some serious dancefloor punch with tunes like the raw, hypermassive peaktime Techno bang0r that is "Chicago Homesick" whilst "Deeproit" starts on a deep, washed out late night Detroit tip only to add tripping Acid Trance elements to the recipe later. Furthermore we see "Ding Ding" weigh in hefty, pumping House rhythms and more hypnotic, ever tripping Acid modulations, "Expect The Unexpected" amalgamates heavy drums, razor sharp hi-hats and an almost floating ClubTrance feel whereas "In The Ghetto" introduces spine-tingling subaquatic Techno vibes of almost Drexciyan nature to the albums musical ark and "Mega Man" taps into what's gotta be called whipping oldskool PsychoTrance for all the early 90s ravers. The subsequent "Natural Desaster" is on a hard and shrieking elastic 90s Acid HardTrance tip that's about to drive punters up to new ecstatic heights, "On The Run" dabbles with dark'ish slow motion Techno contrasted by lively synth basslines and ClubTechno stabs for a change whilst "The Fissel" takes on pumping, well uplifting MinimalHouse with a raw and quirky, yet fully primetime-functional attitude for all adventurous DJs out there before the concluding "Utek" rounds things off with a dark and sizzling, obviously Business Techno-infused TechTrance vibe for a closing. Defo an excellent collection of tracks on here. Go check.


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