Saturday, July 30, 2022

Pierce Wernacke - Deafened By The Noise Of Time [Room40 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the Australian Ambient staple that is Room40 is "Deafened By The Noise Of Time", the new 39 minutes spanning album outing by Pierce Warnecke who presents us with a set of four untitled pieces aptly named "Untitled I - IV" with this one. Following a conceptual approach of focusing on sonic decay Warnecke starts his journey from an angle of progressively washed out (tape?) loops separated by distinct moments of silence, further provides similarly structured waves of warm, yet brooding Ambient minimalisms garnished with mysterious crackles and deep melodic structures in "Untitled 2", drifts into brittle, touching and most beautiful nocturnal, Dark Ambient-bordering soundscapes with "Untitled 3" which turns out to be our personal favorite on this album before "Untitled 4" even starts to dabble with atender, digitally reprocessed, melancholia inducing Electronica / Deep Listening Music fusion for a closing. Probably one of the most calm and chill longplay pieces out on the circuit these days. Check.


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