Saturday, August 06, 2022

The D3VI7 - Darkness [Stazis 365 Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit via Stazis as their 365 on April 30th, 2k22 is "Darkness", another fresh release by The D3VI7 himself. Opening with the original mix of the title track we're lead straight to the heart of the dancefloor by pounding bassdrums and ever morphing, HardTrance-leaning 303 modulation sequences accompanied by dreamy piano tones and floating vocal atmospheres whilst Flensburg's DJ Nightnoise takes us further into slightly darker territories in his "Darkness *DJ Nightnoise Born In Darkness Remix" which combines elements of contemporary, well reverberating Business Techno and stripped down, ethereal PsyTrance for illegal rave situations somewhere out in the woods. If those sound like your place to be check this one out for a reason.


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