Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Ben Wood Inferno - Psychomania [Sumorex 021]

Scheduled for release on October 7th, 2k22 via the Sumorex-imprint is "Psychomania", the latest - and sixth! - full length album by the ever buzzing Rock'n'Roll machine that is the Ben Wood Inferno, a name probably well familiar to readers of these pages for reasons. Basically hindered from touring - and probably also recording - over the course of the past years their latest outing sees channeling all their accumulated energy over the course of nine brand new songs and a total of approximately 40 minutes playtime these days, starting with a thundering boom as an introduction to the raw opening Rock'n'Roll outing that is "If I'm Out Of My Mind (It's Alright With Me)" whereas the subsequent "State Of Flux" is a well dark, yet more funkdefied affair for psycho horror fuck fests whilst "Alligator Sex" amalgamates twisted, high octane Psychobilly with a certain PunkRock attitude, causing havoc and moshpits to form whereever it's blasted through a proper club P.A.. The follow up "Make You Hate Again" samples classic and well intriguing movie dialogue snippets of yore before entering highly catchy high octane hit single territories able to probably cross over into realms beyond the Rock'n'Roll scene due to its highly infectious vibe, "Who Cried Wolf" follows on an even catchier and more contagious peaktime path and "The Great Unpaid" brings back hard and heavy Funk grooves for fans of Crossover and Skate Metal without even slightly touching base with those genres at all. Furthermore "Modern Heartsore" shifts gears to enter the fast lane and tap in to the spooky, spine-tingling energy of the groups previous albums, "Fright Mode" hits dancefloors heavy as a freight train and the final cut that is "A Call To Turn Off!" brings back the uplifting instrumental Funk vibe for good and makes audience bounce and jump around excessively and introduces hefty organ riffs and freestyles for an extended closing session. This being said we'd say that "Psychomania" probably is the most focused and on point album Ben Wood Inferno so far. Check!


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