Friday, July 29, 2022

Polski Piach - Polnoc [Gusstaff Records Promo]

Polski Piach are back with their sophomore album outing, once again put out on the circuit via the Polish label that is Gusstaff Records. Released on June 17th, 2k22 the successor to their firstling "Poludnie" provides a new serving of ten brand new tunes rolled out over the course of 48 minutes which goes even deeper in terms of Desert Blues / Desert Rock from the very beginning of the opening title track "Polnoc" onwards which provides beautifully meandering guitar melodies alongside touching Jazz and string melancholia for hot summer nights, paving the way for things to come like the twangy high noon minimalism of "Wisielec" and the dusty, yet highly seductive dancefloor draw of "Fortuna" whereas pieces like "Nieznany" are probably a manifestation of well aged bourbon whiskey in sonic form, "Pogrzebowy" indulges in deep nocturnal minimalisms with a slightly mediterranean touch and the closing tune that is "Kochankowie" even weighs in a certain amount of drama after a short intro sequence reminiscent of classic horror score motifs to round things off nicely. Defo one recommended album, this.

Album artwork on Instaigram!


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