Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Lawrence English - Approach [Room40 Promo]

Scheduled for release via the Australian Room40-imprint on September 23rd, 2k22 is "Approach", Lawrence English's love letter to and imaginery score for Yoshihisa Tagami's 'Grey', one of the first manga series translated and made available outside of Japan and one that left a lasting impression with the young artist x producer x label head to be. Now, 33 years after reading 'Grey' for the first time, Mr. English's homage to Tagami's groundbreaking work is an album, 37 minutes and twelve tracks deep, starting with icy winds blowing over from afar, setting the scene for a derelict dystopia, evolving into scenic, yet still somewhat greyscale'ish or washed out Deep Listening Music x Ambient vibes in pieces like "Approach II: The Doll", provides glacial, partially glistening and angelic movements in "Approach IV: Shidara" before turning fully tectonic in "Approach V: First Encounter" and "Approach VII: Nagoshi" whereas "Approach X: The City" even touches base with cold, hostile Noize and "Approach XI: Toy" finally provides a glimpse of hope and relief with its crackling, hyperminimalist attitude and faint harmonic elements lost deep within the mix. Defo one to check out - even for those not familiar with Yoshihisa Tagami's work.


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