Saturday, September 24, 2022

Marc Baron & Jean-Philippe Gross - Black, Pink And Yellow Noises [Eich 005]

Put out on the circuit on September 16th, 2k22 via the still relatively fresh Eich imprint is "Black, Pink And Yellow Noises" - the first longplay studio collaboration conceived by the duo of Marc Baron and Jean-Philippe Gross. Rolled out over the course of 35 minutes and a total of twenty pieces for tape and electronics the duo caters a set of grinding, highly experimental soundscapes x collage pieces comprised of digital Noize, brooding granular movements, cut-ups and deconstructed, decontextualized samples, looped RoboPhonk sequences as well as influences taken from Illbient, Plunderphonics, collage, a general sense of lingering dystopia infused by war and brutalism, all falling into place to create an intense, partially suffocating and surely hard to grasp sonic journey which isn't for the weak-heartened but, even more so after repeated listening sessions, well rewarding for headstrong connaisseurs and explorers of the outer fringes of experimental electronic music, especially when it comes to the spine-tingling sci-fi atmosphere of "B6", the Einstürzende Neubauten-resembling meditative minimalism of "P1" or the ever escalating, accelerating whirlwind of "P3", the hostile and twisted HarshNoize of "P5" whereas "P8" even dives deep into near-static DarkAmbient, "Y1" goes full on arctic with its traces of icy winds and deeply frozen landscapes before the violent pulses of "Y5" wreak havoc on every single braincell still intact within the individual listener. Go check.

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