Sunday, September 25, 2022

Various Artists - Lefto Early Bird presents The Beauty Is Inside [BBE Music]

Put out on the compilation album circuit via the BBE Music camp on September 2nd, 2k22 is "The Beauty Is Inside", the latest hypereclectic selection of cuts put together by Belgium-based DJ and tastemaker Lefto. Covering a total of 19 tracks rolled out over a playtime of nearly 80 minutes Lefto combines the past, the present and the far future on this one, bringing together names from all genres and every corner in the world, including praised Ethopian artist Alemayehu Eshete, Chicago's Juke x Footwork player DJ Spinn and many more. Starting from a point of (Neo)Cosmic-infused Spoken Word ambience provided by Ain't About Me's "Watching Tarot Card XVI Come To Life" the compilation album develops and meanders like a properly produced radio show with the musical thread drifting off into complex Modern x Contempory Jazz realms with Pedro Ruy-Blas & Dolores' "Membrillo", is touching base with string-laden, UK Urban-infused Future Soul in Iman Houssein's "Their Eyes" whilst exploring classy BrokenBeat goodness in tunes like Qur’an Shaheed's "Thrive", bringing forth dope, Skweee-leaning beat science with "OK Dan" produced by Trian Kayhatu whilst providing polished, hyperfuturist Crime Scene Rave vibes with Regal68's "Parado En La Esquina" before Igor Jadranin's "NUB" is introducing a killer fusion of raw breakbeat loops and epic vintage synths whereas Elisa Bee's "A Sun That Never Goes Down" is aiming to bring stab-heavy Breakstep action back to peaktime dancefloors of the world just to name a few. Highly diverse, this, and therefore recommended to all non genre-fixated fans of all things electronic music and beyond. Go check.


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