Thursday, September 01, 2022

Jerome Noetinger - Sur Quelques Mondes Etranges [Gagarin Records Promo]

Set for release via the famed Gagarin Records imprint on September 2nd, 2k22 is "Sur Quelques Mondes Etranges", the most recent album outing by the ever active French sound artist Jerome Noetinger who's been active on the circuit at least since 1992 when his first single was put out via Metamkine, a long standing operation the artist played an essential role in. Rolled out over a 2LP vinyl set with eleven tracks and twelve accompanying locked grooves Noetinger, alongside Hamburg-based studio wizard and producer Tobias Levin, once again follows his path of tape manipulation and Musique Concrete, evoking an undeniably Proto-Industrial and well threatening feel with his oftentimes collage'esque compositions which seem to be created from manipulated and reprocessed found sounds for the most part, garnished with additional space fx and spatial tape echo vibes in pieces like "Hemizygote" whilst exploring ultra minimalist, protocomputational pulses and eerie scrapings in the subsequent "Critique De L'Effacement" which builds up towards a noisy, well nerve-wrecking climax whereas "Le Bouffon Moderne" dabbles with warped, earth-shaking low end rumblings as well as an overall aesthetic somewhat reminiscent of Felix Kubin's former Klangkrieg project or diving into creaking, looped nocturnal horrors with "White Horse Against UFO's" which might be one of our favorite cuts on this album - not only but in parts due to its excellent title. Probably speaking to a limited, highly avantgarde-leaning audience but defo an interesting one to check out if things like tape manipulation and Musique Concrete are on your radar anyway.


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