Friday, September 02, 2022

Kim Myhr - Sympathetic Magic [Hubro Music]

Released on August 12th, 2k22 via his Norwegian homebase that is the Hubro Music label is "Sympathetic Magic", the latest, almost 73 minutes spanning, full length album by composer x guitar player Kim Myhr who, alongside sonic contributions by a plethora of artists including Ingar Zach and Adrian Myhr amongst others, focuses his work around the sound of the Yamaha YC45d organ from the 70s which provides a subtle presence and a warm, well textured counterpoint to the isolation induced by pandemic situation the album, like many others, came to fruition in. Throughout the entire set of seven mostly extended pieces Myhr and his fellow musicians explore a certain blurred and washed out, oftentimes Psychedelia-infused and somewhat even hippie'esque Pop sensitivity paired with omnipresent vintage vibes, elements of Post-Shogaze and a gritty, yet organic and comforting warmth which evolves into meandering PostRock goodness in pieces like "Move The Rolling Sky" whereas "Iridiscent" explores glistening, scintillating Ambient x (Neo)Cosmic minimalisms whereas the closing "Heart Streams" even touches base with tender meandering KrautRock vibes just to name a few. Quite an unusual, yet at the same time well suitable release for the Hubro Music camp.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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