Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Tell No Lies - Hide Nothing [Aut Records 083]

It's been roughly two years since the Bologna-based quintet Tell No Lies, a brainchild of the groups lead pianist Nicola Guazzacola, released their album "Anasyrma" via Aut Records. Now they're back with a new longplay effort, the seven tracks and roughly 48 minutes spanning follow up that is "Hide Nothing" which hit the shelves on September 28th, 2k22 as the labels 083. Once again operating within the diaphanous, permeable and pitted confinements of what could be roughly described as FreeJazz the group starts the journey on a rather tentative, meandering tip and a rather harmonic, more traditional and well groovy Jazz note with the opening piece that is "Malatesta", provides a hyperdynamic back and forth between orderly Jazz structures and screaming improvisational episodes in the follow up that is "Lule'" whereas "Junius" introduces innate, partially off-kilter melancholia in combination with heavy percussive outbursts before cuts like "Medea / Levante" reveal the subtle, tender and more melodic aspects of Tell No Lies' sonic exploration just to name a few.


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