Saturday, November 26, 2022

Gabriel Prokofiev - Strange Blooms & HOWL! [Oscillations 004 Promo]

Scheduled for release on December 2nd, 2k22 via the Oscillations label as its 004 is "Strange Blooms & HOWL!", a quasi double A-side CD album effort which combines two separate compositions by Gabriel Prokofiev which are united by the fact that they have been originally commissoned for contemporary dance projects. With the four movements of "Strange Blooms" being performed by Jane Chapman on a 17th century baroque harpsichord followed by the Louis Couperins "La Complaingante" which functioned as a main inspiration for the original piece we're entering the sonic journey from a point of harsh, compressed and soul sucking Digital Noize to be found in "Strange Blooms I - The Resilience Of Roots", progress into shape shifting otherworldly Ambient Classical in "Strange Blooms II - Pods Swell (And Open)" whilst sonically working our way further towards an unprocessed, dreamy and naturalistic harpsichord perfomance only partially accompanied by grand unsettling electronic UnAmbient sweeps and swoops over the further course of this piece. Furthermore "HOWL!", tonally based on the sound of the ARP Odyssey synth from the early 70s, brings forth a feeling of dry, brittle, abstract yet well fascinating HyperPhonk for all the Glitch and Electronica headz crowding highly advanced dancefloors with "Howl! I - Agitprop", takes on tense Clicks'n'Cuts alongside hovering, ethereal sinewave-based Ambient melancholia in the time defying "Howl! II - Separation" before "Howl! III - Swarm ft. Linus YS Fung" provides Industrial HyperPhonk as buzzing as a dense swarm of invasive metallic insects from an alien world whereas the concluding "Howl! - Afterlude" caters quite a bit of a seductive groove for a dry, yet complex Electronica x ChillOut piece graced by intricate, ever intesifying and almost 'troity melodic sci-fi sequences just to name a few. One to check out for a reason.


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