Tuesday, November 01, 2022

The D3VI7 - Bloodline [Psychocandies 100]

The D3VI7 is the master of the unthinkable. And so he pushes things to the limits on a regular, like he does with his latest release on the long standing Psychocandies label which finally celebrates its 100th outing in the darkest fashion ever. With "Bloodline" the label releases a hyperlimited - we're talking a total of 5 copies worldwide here - 12" which is supposedly filled with, albeit sterilized and preserved, human blood and therefore presents a new step up the ladder of what is possible in terms of, probably questionable, art vinyl production. On the A-side The D3VI7 provides us with "The Only Way" which turns out to be a super deep, slowly evolving, yet heavily pumping (Progressive) Trance cut stretched out over the course of 11+ minutes throughout which it evolves into proper spiralling AcidTrance madness whereas "Rave Like In The Old Days" on the flip takes us way back to the mid-90s when pounding, fast-paced and hyper ecstatic HardTrance ruled laser lit dancefloors for a reason, caters a pitch perfect emulation of the original rave sound in those days, snare rolls and pizzicato breakdowns included, and therefore turns out to be our main favorite on this one. Get one if you can.


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