Monday, October 31, 2022

Michael Foster - The Industrious Tongue Of Michael Foster [Relative Pitch Records]

Another fresh one put out via the ever buzzing Relative Pitch Records label is "The Industrious Tongue Of Michael Foster", the latest album cooked up by Brooklynite sax player Michael Foster which has hit the stores shelves on August 19th, 2k22. With the longplayer being split in two distinct parts, the first half "Part 1: Lididinal Fragmants" presents a set of hyperintense, highly detailed compositions incorporating both microtonal close up recordings of the instruments mechanics and amplified air flow paired with forcefully applied pressure and, see especially "Skins Of Satin" for this, gargling, partially abrasive soundscapes as well as dreamy, melancholic FreeJazz sequences in cuts like "Function Smothered In Surmise", even touches base with organic DarkAmbient for a second and provides some tongue-in-cheek melodic pleasures in cuts like "Following The Brush" . Subsequently the two composition strong "Part 2: Celluloid Nightmares" opens with "Vibrator Torture", a less than three minute spanning take on buzzing electric vibrations somewhat reminiscent of certain soundscapes once catered up by famed German Industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten whereas the follow up that is "The 3 Positions (For Jacques Rivette)" provides nerve-wrecking scrapings and other intense Noize excesses for those who like their Free Improv being taken to the extremes. Once again: Avantgarde as Avantgarde can get.

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