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baze.djunkiii Charts 11/2k22

01. Mad Voice - Drogen / Ohne Liebe Leben [Wiener Brut 004]
This is a bang0r. Originally put out on the circuit via Tyrolis Music back in 1982 the long time forgotten sole 7" release by Mad Voice has now been revived and re-issued, putting a well deserved spotlight on this double a-sided Austrian New Wave gem which perfectly depicts the well depressing and drug-infused life hidden behind the glitzy curtain walls of Vienna's high - and not so high - society of the 80s. Excellent, simplistic and featuring Austro-German lyrics, too.

02. Geir Sundstøl - The Studio Intim Sessions Vol. 1 [Hubro Music]
See review for details...

03. Desolat - Elegance Is An Attitude... To Shit On. [Bloodshed666 Records 022 / Santa Diabla 016]
See review for details...

04. Metal Master - Spectrum *Bart Skils & Weska Reinterpretation [Cocoon Recordings]
Without any doubt we are in the middle of a 90s Rave x Trance revival and therefore there should be no surprise in the fact that one of the eras most distinct, beloved, unique and emotionally touching tracks gets a new treatment in 2k22. Pressed on 180g one-sided clear x splatter vinyl Bart Skils & Weska take on Metal Master's "Spectrum" and its outstanding weeping electric guitar motif for an update and present a respectfully executed deep Progressive x TechTrance refix that keeps the tunes orignal spirit for the oldskool ravers whilst still being compatible with modern Business Techno workouts for a reason.

05. DJ Pirna - Prehistoric Passion [Former City Records 013]
Germany has never been a hotbed for all things GhettoBass x GhettoTech x ElectroFunk and therefore this eight track album by DJ Pirna is quite a surprise, bringing all the sleazy, well sexy and seductive goodness associated with the genre, aiming for uptempo stripclub dancefloors with cuts like "Hold Me *Instrumental" and even managing to get German - and Russian! - vocalists x MC's into the mix in some tracks. Defo one to check out, this, and don't overlook the banging HipHop instrumentals on this album as well.

06. White Pain - Paroles Absurdes [Camisole Records 024]
And here we go with another re-issued classic, the only album ever released by the French group White Pain and the only release of the long time defunct label Productions Du Tigre. Originally released in 1986 and now unearthed in a limited quantity of 500 copies via Camisole Records the current, remastered version of "Paroles Absurdes" does not only bring back the original seven tracks of the original release but also adds two even rarer cuts taken from the bands self-released 1985 cassette tape single, presenting a complete overview on their work for all the collectors of dreamy SynthPop and - sometimes even Rock x Pop-leaning - New Wave music out there. One to check is the darki'sh, well minimalist Proto-EBM cut "Vienna" for sure.

07. Your Planet Is Next / Jotel California - WAR2201 [Warning]
Novelty Music, anyone? Whilst Your Planet Is Next presents a super lo-fi take on the Eurodance classic that is "Rhythm Is A Dancer" by Snap! we see Jotel California pushing Grauzone's "Eisbaer" to new electroid heights that might even resonate with a variety of GhettoBass x GhettoTech DJ's out there.

08. Rove Ranger - Millenial Millenium EP [LT Records 099]
Quite an unusual release coming from the Lobster Theremin camp with four tracks balancing the thin line between uptempo Techno goodness and an undeniably (Tech)Trance-leaning attitude for strobe-lit peak time floors.

09. 2econd Class Citizen - Unlearn [Equinox Records 051]
Sometimes being a DJ and music writer in combination with being an avid vinyl collector is a strange thing because there comes a point when certain records start to show up, not necessarily as a dedicated press or DJ promo or sth. you buy from which source it might be - they just appear in some form. This album by 2econd Class Citizen on the Equinox Records imprint is a perfect example of such a record I never looked out for, never knew it existed in the first place but perfectly satisfied the need for a proper Downtempo x TripHop x Beatmaker album I had felt for quite a while even though proper good releases within this genre are quite rare these days. This is good stuff.

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