Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Aviva Endean - Moths & Stars [Room40 Promo]

Another fresh album put out on the circuit on December 2nd, 2k22 via Room40 is "Moths & Stars", the sophomore longplay effort by Australian composer x clarinet player Aviva Endean. Rolled out over a total of six brand new pieces and a playtime of 36 minutes Aviva Endean deeply enters the microtonal spheres of her instrument, combining the wow and flutter of air flowing through the clarinet with what seem to be probably nocturnal Field Recordings of untouched nature and floating, all embracing textures of Ambient x Deep Listening Music as well as comforting waves of low end frequencies, scenic, hypercalm string layers and, occasionally though, haunting, reprocessed echoes of what once used to be original clarinet tones and melodies alongside composition techniques clearly drawing inspiration from Minimal Music which might be especially prevalent in the closing sequence named "Mirror Signals", all intertwined and woven together to create a calm and soothing non-stop journey which teleports every single listeners mind to a place of inner peace - probably a much needed feat in these trouble times. If this seems to be up your alley or if you are a dedicated follower of Ambient and ChillOut music in general this one is well worth a listen. Go check.


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