Friday, December 30, 2022

Keda - Flow [Parentheses Records 018]

Put out on the circuit via the Belgium-based imprint Parentheses Records on December 6th, 2k22 is "Flow", the third album created for the label by the duo known as Keda - a shared artistic moniker for the combined works of E'joung-Ju and Mathias Delplanque which once again combine electronic sounds with the traditional Korean six-string instrument named geomungo. With a total of four, roughly 26 minutes spanning cuts the duo provides the commissioned sonic backdrop for the Swiss contemporary dance piece "Flow" performed by Compagnie Linga in 2018 which drew inspiration from synchronized movements found and seen in large groups of animals belonging to a wide variety of species, genuses and such, amalgamating carefully arranged and highly atmospheric Dark Ambient textures moving back and forth like the surf of a distant coast blown over from afar with tenderly plucked string tones, moving forward into the grey area in between dramatic (Neo)Cosmic, stripped down Contemporary Classical composition techniques and brooding, droning Deep Listening Music before even entering a realm of intimate, almost folksy geomungo improvisation and finally rocking advanced dancefloors with a captivating combination of electronic Future Tribal-grooves and meandering, ethereal World Music melodies for a closing. A well interesting piece which probably might be even more coherent when experienced in the intended context of the original dance performance.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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