Thursday, December 22, 2022

Susana Santos Silva - All The Birds And A Telephone Ringing [Thanatosis Produktion 018]

Released via Thanatosis Produktion as the labels 018 on November 25th, 2k22 is "All The Birds And A Telephone Ringing", the latest full length album effort created by Stockholm-based trumpet player and composer Susana Santos Silva. Originally at home and rooted in the realm of FreeJazz and related ventures the Portuguese artist presents a sonic journey rolled out over the course of six pieces and a total playtime of 36 minutes which takes her further away from her usual homestead than she's probably ever been, pairing Field Recordings incorporating birds - hence the title - with microtonal capturings of her instrument of choice, the subtle tones of strained and stressed hawsers with electronically generated background atmospheres, distant and yearning trumpet improvisations with rural soundscapes, subaquatic gargles and minimalist Future Tribal signatures whilst pieces like "All The Birds" bring forth dark and brooding, ever pulsing, yet mechanical sci-fi scores probably captured in haunted, fully robotic interplanetary deep space outposts of the future whereas the subsequent "And A Telephone Ringing" presents an almost enchanted and surprisingly melodic aspect of the work of Susana Santos Silva - and also introduces her personal take on what is listed as Irish flute within the arsenal of instruments used on this album. Defo an interesting one which surely requires more than one dedicated listening session to unravel all the subtle layers hidden within.

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