Sunday, December 25, 2022

VÖ - The Sounds Of VÖ [Thanatosis Produktion 019]

Thanatosis Produktion are evidently ramping up their output schedule these days with their latest release, VÖ's "The Sounds Of VÖ", being put out on the circuit on December 16th, 2k22. With Eva Lindal, Anna Högberg, Johan Erthling, Leo Svensson, Alex Zethson and Greek guitar player Giannis Arapis forming the experimental, one-off improvisational sextet named VÖ for an instant recording session in which certain singular players took part for an hour only due to their super tight schedule the album captures a once in a lifetime occasion resulting in a total of 19 improvised pieces spread out over a 2CD set of roughly 80 minutes total playtime, presenting a deep, nocturnal and somewhat melancholia-oozing take on Nordic Music-infused, partially Folk-informed (Neo) Classical / Contemporary Classical music which reveals hints of mediterranean warmth towards the end of "Discordia Harmonia", enters realms of cozy, comforting minimalism in "Cyclosis" as well as icy, brittle drones and off-kilter harmonic layers in "Moebius" whereas shorter pieces like "Undercurrents" evoke memories of the long lost AcidFolk music produced by the likes of Carl Erdmann showcased on his recently re-released 'Bizarrophytes' album, "Natrix Natrix" enters a realms of pure atmosphere and sonic reduction whereas the subsequent "Primus Motor" emulates solemn, meditative ritual gong music from South East Asia vibewise, "Collected Limbs II" harks back to what could be described as nocturnal Avantgarde Jazz whilst working its way to a dissonant climax and the concluding cut that is "Automata" provides plenty of room for meandering, deeply intertwined plucked strings and bass notes to unfold just to name a few. One for the lovers of organic, actually hand-crafted Deep Listening Music, this.

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