Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Lueenas - Lueenas [Barkhausen Recordings 004]

Released via Barkhausen Recordings as the labels 004 on November 4th, 2k22 is the self-titled album by Danish duo Lueenas who are presenting us with a total of 10 brand new pieces spread out over the course of roughly 43 minutes on their firstling. Based on what is described as being an 'electrified string duo' in the accompanying press info the Copenhagen-based pair of artists, comprised of Maria Jagd and Ida Duelund, drew inspiration from ancient mythology and belief systems, sacred practices as well as paganism for an extended series of improvised sessions resulting in their debut which sees Lueenas span a sonic ark from brittle, fluttering ambience to warped, yearning, outerworldly and well siren'esque melodic layers and impending Dark Ambient drones, beautifully enchanted Modern Classical mysticism especially prevalent in pieces like "Nemera" which is followed by score'esque, hyperintense, nightmare-inducing Dark Ambient / Contemporary Classical of doom in "Nyx" whereas pieces like "Dark" provide a surprisingly calm and floating, yet somewhat eerie take on Ambient / (Neo)Cosmic, "Ether" enters IDM / ChillOut dancefloors with its stripped down, slightly dubbed out attitude whereas "Witches Brew" provides the most purist variation of (Neo)Classical composition techniques to be found on this album and the concluding cut that is "In The Search" even introduces the vocal talent of Emma Acs for a calm, melancholia-infused quasi Spoken Word finale. Quite a beautiful longplay piece, this.


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