Saturday, December 31, 2022

Yang Chen - Longing For _ [People Places Records]

Put out on the circuit via the Canadian avantgarde imprint People Places records on November 11th, 2k22 is "Longing For _", the full on album debut by Toronto's percussionist Yang Chen who created this roughly 54 minutes spanning longplay piece in collaboration with contributing artists and composers like Andrew Noseworthy, Connie Li, Sarian Sankoh, Stephanie Orlando, Charles Lutvak and others which did not only provide compositions to tackle for this album but also actively participated in its creation as instrumentalists and x or vocalists. This being said, the ten pieces on "Longing For _" provide a sonic ark ranging from the deep, solemn and glistening Ambient x Deep Listening Music approach of "Euphoric" to the intense percussion meets electric guitar sequences playing a dominant role in "All Good Pieces Have Two Things" whereas "Through Intimate. Swims" dabbles in threatening, nocturnal DarkAmbient executions, the subsequent "Silt" brings forth spatial gongs and electronics beyond space and time accompanied by unprocessed, naturalistic flute lines whilst "Till The Dam Brakes" turns towards captivating Future R'n'B, "Crank / Set" seems to cover microtonal / electro-acoustic recordings of predominantly minimalist quality alongside sparse percussion sounds and the concluding "Nighttime Reneweals Towards More Friendship. More Love. Like Snowfall. I Want To Sing With You" even pairs brittle, decaying Contemporary Classical compositional techniques with eerie sound warpings and dry, percussive interruptions just to name a few cuts off of this widely varied, yet surprisingly coherent longplay experience. Go check.

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