Sunday, January 01, 2023

1000 - Spielt OCJ [Umland Records 058]

Released via Essen's ever active Umland Records label as their 058 on September 23rd, 2k22 is "1000 Spielt OCJ", the latest album outing put together by the 2004-formed group 1000 which here operates as a quartet setting comprised of Jan Klare, Bart Maris, Wilbert De Joode and Michael Vatcher. Presenting a total of 12 brand new cuts rolled out over the course of roughly 53 minutes, one portion of those recorded live at Peitz Jazzfestival in September of 2k21 whilst the other portion being studio recordings captured in Gent later the same year, the quartet provides a playful, intricate and deeply intertwined, yet well buzzing perspective on Jazz, with layered reed / brass melodies chasing eachother on top of complex rhythm signatures whilst tunes like "Towering Rock Melody Secluded Orchid" enters a state of deep, yearning melancholia, "Hna Lone Tha" tackles a traditional composition from Myanmar, "Start Flow" serves a short burst of subdued melodies and hypercomplex drums whereas both "Untranscendable" and "Humming Bee" even transcend into what could be described as a jazzed out take of Delta Blues just to pick a few. One for dedicated Jazz afficionados, this.

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