Saturday, February 11, 2023

Centrul Isteric / Michiu - Split [Preston Capes (Tapes) 008]

Put out on the circuit via the UK-based label Preston Capes (Tapes) on January 21st, 2k23 is this limited to 60 copes split-cassette album featuring two extended works crafted by Gili Mocanu a.k.a. Somnoroase Pasarele under his artistic guise that is Centrul Isteric and Bucharest-based graphic artist x musician Dan Michiu a.k.a Michiu. On the A-side we see Centrul Isteric exploring a tender melange of Deep Listening Music x FreeImprov with "KISI", opening with explorative Avantgarde Jazz-leaning piano tones, atmospheric pads alongside varied percussive elements of unclear origin as well as both electronic and electro-acoustic sound manipulations becoming denser and more present as the extended composition progresses even though longing Jazz tones, Field Recordings of chirping birds and even cascading guitars are occasionally shimmering through, dominating the mix for a short while. On the flip Michiu's "Dynacord" opens from an angle of hyperdense, droning and glacial Cold Ambient only to move forward into a maelstrom of warbling, ever filtered Feedback Noize sprinkled with alarming sinewave transmissions, flickering, processed and somewhat enchanted nervous guitar miniatures alongside echoes of vintage sci-fi sounds, a combination which makes this one quite a thrilling listening experience for everyone well versed in highly avantgarde and experimental music. Recommended.

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