Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 35 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes Promo]

Finally he's back. The mighty and ever uncompromising Dr. NoiseM sent in "Studio Works 35", the most recent and indeed 35th part of his ever ongoing series of 'Studio Works' albums which was launched about a decade ago. Opening with "Alternative Stream" the Noize doctor caters a grinding, scraping, buzzing and ever intensifying stream of surprisingly droning and somewhat harmonic midrange Noize whereas the subsequent "Coma" employs a more steady, yet more intense, futuristic and certainly abrasive approach towards time-defying Digital Noize. Following up is "Monster", a cold, unsettling and somewhat dubbed out variation of Cold Ambient / Industrial Ambient garnished with vast, spatial atmospheres, spine-tingling rhythmic patterns and intense vocal processing which might make this one our favorite cut on this album whilst "Nitrogene" employs a buzzing, electric maelstrom of low frequency-leaning Noize to pulverize one's final braincells before the final cut aptly named "Noise Is My Meditation" gravitates more towards the sonic aura of an ever pulsating, friendly and benevolent ancient alien organism slowly seeping through from the interdimensional outerworld than towards pure Noize and therefore should become a staple on all dedicated Ambient floors worldwide.


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