Thursday, February 16, 2023

Julia Strzalek & Cornelia Nilsson - Scenery Somewhere [Frim Records 005]

Scheduled for release via Frim Records on February 24th, 2k23 is "Scenery Somewhere" the very first album effort created by the German-Swedish duo of Julia Strzalek and Cornelia Nilsson which lay down a roughly 27 minutes spanning one track piece here. Based on alto sax and drums the two artists recorded the title bearing piece "Scenery Somewhere" as - and at - their first time ever duo performance, an improvised moment in time starting out on a foundation of thundering, rumbling background drums as a backbone for tentative, throughtful sax improvisations which make room for a subdued, jazzy and stripped down percussion solo to unfold, followed by shimmering, vibrant melodic sequences and even microtonal recordings of the air streaming through the instrument only to end up in deep sax romanticisms accompanied and nicely contrasted by nervous, fast paced and once again subdued drum excessses for all fans of pure unprocessed Jazz Improv out there.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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