Thursday, March 30, 2023

Ben Rath - Resolve [Sound In Silence 099]

It's been a while. Five years after his longplay piece "Anything Is Possible" Manchester-based producer finally makes a return to Greek label Sound In Silence with "Resolve", his third album for the ever active label and their 099. Put out on the circuit on February 20th, 2k23 the twelve tracks and almost 66 minutes spanning long form release sees the Mancunian dabble with the concept of a still time-travelling post-collapse society trying to observe and understand mistakes and failures of its own past without intervention, starting the journey with the beautifully sad and touching Ambient x Electronica pulses and scintillating melodies of "Resolve (Part I)", progressing into the icy and brittle, yet ever cascading "Man The Barricades" as well as the ever droning off-kilter Ambient of "Dreams Of A Liveable Future" whereas tunes like "Robber Barons" tell tales of glistening dystopia, the "Committee Of Future Ghosts" even goes beyond that and gets itself invlvd in calming and comforting DarkAmbient, "Forests On Fire" drifts off into dreamy Berlin School x (Neo)Cosmic x Synth territories before the concluding "Truth And Reconciliation" falls back to slowly pulsing sinewave bass frequencies and tender, fragile Ambient oscillations for a closing just to name a few. Scenic!

Album artwork on Instagram!


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