Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Louise Rossiter - Der Industriepalast: Part I [Oscillations 005 Promo]

Scheduled for release on April 7th, 2k23 via the Oscillations label as their cat.no. 005 is Louise Rossiter's "Der Industriepalast: Part I", a three tracks and roughly 28 minutes spanning EP / mini album which takes a great portion of inspiration from Le Mettrie's concept of materialim which considers the human body to be a well working machine with several sub-sets and branches taking care of several functions within the factory as well as the work of materialist infographic icon Fritz Kahn who's been a vital force in illustrating these ideas in detail. This being said, Louise Rossiter works her way from the vantablack, soul-sucking DarkAmbient minimalisms of "Homo Machina" which interestingly presents some Kraftwerk-inspired radio bleeps - think: "Radioactivity" - as most recognizable quasi-melodic feature amongst humungous tectonic low frequency shifts to the deep dive into the machine analogy named "Neuronen" with its slow mechanical rhythms and a plethora sounds reminiscent of hydraulic or robotic arms, drills etc. at work, paired with additional sci-fi sweeps and, once again, a threatening background layer of pure essential darkness. Finally the concluding "Synapse" is following on a similar path, making use of more cavernous low end movements and an even more apocalyptic and doomed approach which might provide a soundtrack extraordinaire for the next great psycho sci-fi slasher to come. Think 'Alien' in its original form. Highly recommended.


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