Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Pita / Friedl - S/T [Karlrecords 099 Promo]

Put out on the circuit via the long standing and ever active Karlrecords imprint as their 099 on February 17th, 2k23 is the self-titled "Pita / Friedl", the first ever collaboration album crafted by Peter Rehberg of Editions Mego and Zeitkratzer's Reinhold Friedl - and a sole oddball release as Peter Rehberg passed away not long after the two recording sessions documented in this one. Based on a combination of electronics and inside piano the two artists cater a total of three unedited Improv sessions rolled out over a total playtime of 64 minutes, all of them named after different Italian words for 'noise'. This being said "Caciara", "Chiasso" and "Clamore" indeed unfold as extended, grinding streams of nervously buzzing, partly metallic, partly harsh sonic information overload in which electric tones whizz around, distortion is always presents and plucked and prepared piano strings are bent, twisted, mistreated and malused whilst struggling for attention, oftentimes drowning in hardly decipherable waveform transmissions coming in from the depth of space, inside an ant colony, a beehive or whereever whereas screaming, spine-tingling and mind melting high frequency Industrial horrors induce fear and sonic terror or, on the opposite side of spectrum, tender, nocturnal Modern Classical piano passages provide a brooding vintage twist. Furthermore the mindful and considerate listener might as well find washed out echoes of echoes of echoes of eerie, outerworldly Future Jazz, early electronic music resembling filter sweeps and percussive industrialisms amongst other goodness - at least if one can handle harsh and highly experimental Avantgarde music. Interesting stuff.


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