Saturday, March 25, 2023

Matterhorn Well - Sketches For Francis [Consouling Sounds / Icarus Records]

Coming in via mail from Belgium these days is "Sketches For Francis", the January 20th, 2k23 released album debut by Imre De Cauter and Mathias Dewilde which fuse the sounds of cello, Fender Rhodes and electronics under their conjunctional moniker that is Matterhorn Well. Put out on the circuit as a joined effort by the labels Consouling Sounds and Icarus Records the 41 minutes spanning longplayer presents a total of four extended pieces subsesequently named "Sketch I - IV" which see the duo partake in tentative, tender and mostly improvised Ambient interactions characterized by misty, yet panoramic atmospheres going through minimalistic changes, morphings and meanderings of a mostly mystical nature, accompanied by floating singular piano'esque tones and naturalistic sound events, yet - especially in "Sketch II" - also cater tense, unsettling and slightly off-kilter sequences and tectonic shifts whilst being informed by echoes of score'esque Contemporary Classical as well as composition techniques employed in so-called Minimal Music, all falling together in a beauteous, partly romantic and time defying fashion. Go check.


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