Saturday, March 25, 2023

The D3VI7 - The Deal [Nachtkabinett Recordings 006 Promo]

Out on the digital circuit since December 9th, 2k22 via Nachtkabinett Recordings is "The Deal", the first ever appearance on the label made by the mysterious underground production force that is The D3VI7. Opening with the mysterious and captivating vocal intro of "No Big Deal" we're drawn to the center of the dancefloor by a dry variation of Business Techno garnished with classic rave stabs for heaving past peaktime crowds whilst "The Gentleman", the second tune on this digital single, provides more of an uptempo approach, serving razor sharp hi-hats, twisted and bent vocals samples as well as an ever filtered, ever intensifying build-up leading into pure Techno ecstasy for those who are the happiest being reduced to their very silhouettes popping up in rapidly firing strobe light.


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