Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Tørrfall - s/t [Den Pene Inngang 001]

Released via the fresh Norwegian label that is Den Pene Inngang as their 001 on March 21st, 2k23 is Tørrfall's self-titled debut album, a 44 minutes spanning four tracker conceived and created by Nils Erga, Kristoffer Riis and Thore Warland in a trio setting. Opening with a track once again named "Tørrfall" the group enters scenic and spine-tingling, yet somewhat reduced PostRock territories characterized by both a panoramic ebb-and-flow of strings, vibrant bass tones and a certain, almost morricone'esque overall atmosphere whereas the subsequent "Baskerland" caters a quite minimalist and repetetive sonic depiction of flying over endless icy plains hit by glistening sunlight before "Du Hviler Ved Din Mors Bryts" sees the group telling a slightly more aggressive, muscular and brooding musical story despite focusing on the hypnotic repetition of one essential guitar chord accompanied by tender strings and gnarly electronic low end movements whilst the final cut that is "Jeg Vaker I Ørkenen" finally introduces ever rolling, somewhat krautsy drums to an ever densifiying sonic tapestry that is about to sit well with lovers of PostRock, Krautrock, Ambient and large scale panoramic movie scores alike. Recommended.


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