Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Push For Night & Jon Mueller - Lapsed Gasps [Room40 Promo]

Another one set for release on April 21st, 2k23 via the ever active Australian staple that is the Room40 label is "Lapsed Gasps", the first ever quasi collaboration album between the duo that is Push For Night, comprised of James Elliott and Oliver Chapoy, and percussionist Jon Mueller. A quasi-collaboration in this regard that all six pieces on this roughly 53 minutes spanning album are based on an unreleased CDr simply named "Gong / Snare" which Jon Mueller handed over to James Elliott more than fifteen years ago and which popped up in Elliott's archives once again over the course of the pandemic years. With this source material at hand the duo began a process of reworking, tweaking and reprocessing whilst Jon Mueller provided additional, and more recent, recordings of drum kit and lawn sprinkler to be included in the final mix, resulting in a spine-tingling set of tunes ranging from frosty Cold Ambient to highly unsettling non-linear sci-fi atmospheres paired with glistening, hopeful, ever emerging string patterns whereas cuts like "Do You Believe In Ghost" provide tender electronic minimalisms, eerie crackles and outerworldly, somewhat retrofuturist melodic constructs seeping through from the Upside Down, obscured voices and communication attempts included, whilst the title track "Lapsed Gasps" brings forth an ever brooding apocalyptic maelstrom of darkness as well as obscured, field recorded chirps of digital bird drones providing the backdrop for steps walking towards the vast nothingness that lies beneath the projected matrix of our reality, sonically depicted by the low end heavy droning of the subsequent cut that is "One Last Deposit" just to name a few. Recommended, yet not for the faint hearted and paranoid among us.


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