Thursday, May 11, 2023

Emiliano Aires & Santiago Bogacz - Retrato Anos Despues [Relative Pitch Records]

Released via the ever buzzing imprint Relative Pitch Records on March 24th, 2k23 is "Retrato Anos Despues", the first ever full length album cooked up by the Uruguay-based duo of Emiliano Aires and Santiago Bogacz which present a quite unusual combination of soprano clarinet and electric guitar on this one, rolled out over the course of nine tracks and 43 minutes total runtime. With individual track lengths varying wildly from under a minute to nearly 12 minutes the duo seems to feel most at home at both ends of the spectrum, presenting both super short and long form pieces which, due to their tentative and improvisational character, should resonate most with an Avantgarde-informed audience gravitating towards experimental FreeJazz, yet showing an inherent appreciation for twangy guitar tones and echoes of echoes of echoes of echoes of Latin influences, a somewhat noir'esque overall tonality and intense climaxes climbing up to cacophonic, probably unnerving to some, heights whilst bringing forward both heavy explorations of the soprano saxophones uppermost frequency range as well as super detailed, yet raw and partially brutal guitar string manipulations. Not for the faint-hearted, this.

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