Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Ingar Zach - Strumento Di Etimo Incerto [Aspen Edities 015]

Put out on the circuit via the Belgium-based avantgarde imprint Aspen Edities on April 21st, 2k23 is "Strumento Di Etimo Incerto", the latest album by Norwegian percussionist and sound researcher Ingar Zach who further continues his exploration of the effect of vibrating speakers on instruments with this one. Pairing vibrating speakers on snare drum, voice, timpani and gran cassa over the course of nine tracks and a total runtime of 44 minutes Ingar Zach summons an unusually nervous, sometimes even hectic sonic landscape built upon a foundation of slow, ever repetetive low end pulses garnished with ever buzzing, almost electrical sounds which resemble sped up microtonal recordings of air flowing through a complex brass instrument, presenting rhythmic implications close to hyersubdued, folksy guitar strumming, crackly and partially uncanny white noise pulses alongside more electrical crackles, modernist takes on Minimal Music x minimal composition and other goodness which tick the boxes of seasoned fans and followers of contemporary avantgarde music even though especially the final cut, "Davoli", requires quite a fair bit of proper equipment to be experienced in all its physicality on the fringes of the actually audible low frequency spectrum.

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