Sunday, May 21, 2023

PVNCTVM - Armand [Hauch Records 035]

Coming in from the Düsseldorf-based Hauch Records imprint these days is "Armand", the April 14th, 2k23 released album debut by Kaspar Clemens' PVNCTVM project which comes at us in two limited editions with 100 copies of black and gold vinyl respectively. Presenting two extended compositions "Armand Pt. I & Pt. II" rolled out over the course of pretty much exactly 40 minutes and therefore nearly maxing out the reasonable capacities of the vinyl format PVNCTVM aims for a sonic approach best described as Deep Listening Music, amalgamating a steady flow of atmospheric crackles with tender and brittle Ambient harmonies, echoes of otherworldy vocal recordings, lonely piano melodies, ancient FoundSounds and tectonic bass drones, partially accompanied by sequences of washed out, glacial electroacoustics, Field Recordings and even cinematic, well melancholia-inducing DarkAmbient sequences all falling together to create a deep, collage'esque and storytelling late night listening journey for all sorts of Ambient and score lovers out there. If that's you, you need to check this out for a reason.


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