Saturday, May 20, 2023

Various Artists - 20y20k [20kbps Records]

Released via the Swiss netlabel 20kbps Records on December 27th, 2k22 is "20y20k", a well massive 23 tracks and roughly 115 minutes spanning anniversary compilation covering a wide and wildly varied selection of mostly LoBit-induced cuts cooked up by what could be called a label all star roster of artists including the likes of Jimmy Slaughter, Origami Repetika, Sascha Müller, Goto80, Toxic Chicken, Larsht, Stereo Realist and many more which present a mostly heavy, yet obviously bit rate reduced, musical journey ranging from blasting Happy Hardcore and Rave to looped, monotonous and mind-numbing Rhythm Industrial x Electronica x Jazz crossovers, uplifting Piano Industrial collages, dynamically unhinged Anarchcore, super cheesy lo-fi Computer Game Space Rock, even deep and bleepy Intelligent Techno as well as super gnarly, improvised vintage bassline warpings, trippy LoBit Reggae hypertrash, slighty kitsch-y, yet magnificient panoramic Ambient cuts and things way beyond which makes "20y20k" one of the most interesting digital compilation releases we've heard in a while. Go check.


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