Friday, May 12, 2023

Holy Similaun - Radicor Al Flort, Espert On'ill Erb, Aor Raeti [Kohlhaas 026 Promo]

Scheduled for release on May 26th, 2k23 via the Italian Kohlhaas imprint is "Radicor Al Flort, Espert On'ill Erb, Aor Raeti", the latest mini album x EP release by Trevina-based musician and sound designer Alberto Bertelli under his sonic nom de guerre that is Holy Similaun. Presenting two brand new compositions clocking in at a little under 20 minutes of total playtime Holy Similaun lays down a brooding, threatening, washed out and at times claustrophic amalgamation of UnAmbient and collage techniques, pairing vantablack atmospheres of hyperdoom with brutal, heavily compressed digital Noize eruptions, post-apocalyptic sunrise panoramas as well as slightly reprocessed harp signatures, tender female whispers and episodes of near silence leading into eerie sci-fi scrapings and unstable percussive sounds of unknown, yet well spatial origin alongside atmospheric DarkAmbient to create a probably nightmare-inducing score for those who can take on and handle a fair share of darkness. If Industrial Ambient and x or Illbient are terminologies describing your musical taste fairly well this is one to check out for a reason.


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