Thursday, June 01, 2023

Alessandra Rombola - Out Of The Playground [Sofa Music]

Released on April 21st, 2k23 via the Norwegian staple that is Sofa Music is "Out Of The Playground", the first ever album recorded by Italian flute player Alessandra Rombola for the label. Taking on five commissioned works and collaborations for solo flute and electronics over the course of 62 minutes Rombola presents pieces written by or in collaboration with the likes of Jan Martin Smørdal, Ingar Zach, Daniela Terranova and Lasse Marhaug which cover a sonic range from cascading repetetive, somewhat percussive electronic loops of a somewhat uplifting nature to reprocessed air flows accompanied by mechanical noises and yearning, sustained flute tones as well as glacial drone pads, parallel layered acoustic flute motifs and more eerie, somewhat threatening and ghastly wind movements, seemingly near field recorded treatments alongside playful and naturalistic explorations of the flute as a purely acoustic instrument as well as further, slightly mystical goodness for all followers of Avantgarde-leaning Deep Listening Music. Defo one for repeated listening sessions. Go check.

Album artwork on Instagram!


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