Wednesday, May 31, 2023

baze.djunkiii Charts 06/2k23

01. Arbitrary Demons - Endzeit [Dubplate]
Cooked up by baze.djunkiii and Sascha Müller as the first ever outing of their new project Arbitrary Demons in the last days of 2k22 and cut on dubplate exclusively for the forthcoming BETA-ZERFALL event "Endzeit" is taking us all the way back to the late 80s / early 90s, drawing inspiration from Belgian NuBeat, early Techno, EBM and Agreppo at a staggering 116bpm whilst weaving in a good portion of tongue-in-cheek attitude with its over the top German vocal bits. Set and signed for a full vinyl release via Cheezy Crust Records in late 2k23.

02. L.S.G. - Blueprint E.P. [Superstition Records]
It's been almost 30 years since Oliver Lieb released his "Blueprint E.P." under his L.S.G. moniker and this recent re-issue on most beautiful translucent turquoise-blue marbled vinyl proves that those early Trance tunes still stand the test of time, with "Hearts" bringing forth a dreamy and yearning, slightly distorted synth motif for highly emotional moments on the dancefloors whilst the super-classic "Blueprint (Version 1)" provides equally floating early morning Trance layers for a touching flashback to the raving 90s. Essential.

03. The Smile - A Light For Catching Attention [XL Recordings]
Thom Yorke's new band project The Smile debuts with vinyl double album filled with beautifully tender, slightly washed out Indie and some hints of PostPunk mixed in with the more uptempo cuts of which especially "Thin Thing" and "We Don' Know What Tomorrow Brings" as well as the cinematic beatless take "Waving A White Flag" and the tender "Skrting On The Surface" will find their way into yours trulys DJ sets covering this specific sonic field. Unfortunately the second disc is pressed quite poorly with audible distortion on several tunes and visible matrix x dirt wear all over the record which indicates that quality control is not really doing good job with rushed quasi-major large quantity pressings these days.

04. Wunder & Nei.N - Meine Schwester Sagt: Das Werde Ich Nie Wieder Los. Unerträglich Traurig! [W&N 001]
Art School Industrial? Check. Quirky Lo-fi Electronics paired with twisted lyrics? Check. Self-released DIY madness of doom from the deepest vaults of the German underground? Check. We don't have any idea or further information about the heritage of this record or what kind of spaced out drugs the artists invlvd are on but if you've ever heard, and liked, the first ever limited one-sided demo tape of the Hamburg-based HGich.T collective you might've goz a clue what you're getting yourself into with this one. #DAFUQ ?

05. PVNCTVM - Armand [Hauch Records 035]
See review for details...

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