Friday, June 02, 2023

France Jobin - 10-33cm [Room40 Promo]

Released via the Australian staple that is the Room40 imprint on May 5th, 2k23 is "10-33cm", the extended 15 years anniversary re-edition of France Jobin's string theory inspired album originally put out on the circuit back in 2008. With now nine instead of seven pieces - "String 1-9" -, with the two additions composed after the Canadian artist indeed used her pandemic-induced off time to study quantum physics, the most recent iteration of "10-33cm" presents a series of fragile, almost brittle, sci-fi leaning high frequency movements accompanied by sparse percussive events, calm and minimalist Ambient atmospheres ("String 3"), blurred and somewhat dubbed out layerings of metallic sounds ("String 4"), glacial, glistening sonic streams equalling a universal whiteout, crackly near-silence at the beginning of "String 6", endless plateaus of droning low frequencies ("String 7") as well as tender, yet swampy electro-acoustics swells ("String 8") and more for all fans and followers of minimalist Ambient and other forms of Deep Listening Music. Go check.


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