Saturday, July 15, 2023

Dr. NoiseM - Studio Works 36 [Dr. NoiseM Tapes Promo]

Put out on the digital circuit on February 16th, 2k23 is "Studio Works 36", the latest album outing by the ever busy experimental electronic producer that is Dr. NoiseM, released via his self-run imprint Dr. NoiseM Tapes. Starting with "Acid Metal" the doctor offers a weird and highly randomized CutUp x Plunderphonics experiment for those willing to go to great lengths in terms of listening to non-structured Avantgarde music which finds it immediate continuation in the ingeniously named "Es War Der Bossa Nova" which basically employs a similar technique of making a turntables needle randomly skip, this time with at least one Easy Listening record involved. Furthermore "Büro" is an creepy, ASMR'esque satire about sharpening a gazillion of lead pencils in an office environment which is about to turn your sweetest dreams into absolute nightmares, the "Road To Shit" presents sickening, claustrophobic and highly disorienting UnAmbient sound warps for psychotic episodes, "The Clown" brings forth raw, distorted and Noize-infused Industrial(Techno) barrage fire for illegal peaktime basement raves before "Envelope 2" sees Dr. NoiseM finally returning to his trademark minimalist ColdAmbient X DarkAmbient sound he excessively featured on his highly limited 'The CDr A-B-C' album series a few years ago for well over 40 minutes for a grand extended finale. One album for the seasoned die-hard fan of experimental electronic music, this one is.


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